Device ID and Device INFO

Device ID & Complete Device information: Simple app to get your Device ID (Android ID), Device Codename, Storage details, Shows time in milli seconds, Local Ip address, MAC and Bluetooth MAC details and Complete device information. Options to Copy and share all details and individual detail. Useful app for developers, QA and users who want to check the device details and Android ID. Developers: The device ids can be used in multiple ways for developers like sending push notification to a device. QA: To test the features like push notificationUsers: To know device ID through which they are registered for All AppsIt is compatible with almost all the existing android devices. NOTE: This app doesn't send or share your Device ID to the internet so your information is safe. Its safe to use. All permissions requested are to show the device details only. ThanksMore features will be added in upcoming releases. If you are facing any issues / looking for more featuresPlease write to us:
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