Fire Shifts - Pro

Pro version of Fire Shifts, a customizable Fire and EMS Shift Calendar. Syncs with Google Calendar to display certain symbols on your Fire Shifts Calendar. Galaxy S5. If you have the Galaxy S5, the menu button is missing from your phone. You need to hold down for a few seconds the left button and the menu will come up. end Galaxy S5. A customizable Fire and EMS Shift Calendar. Easily select various shift types such as 24/48 (ABC), 48/96 (AABBCC), etc. Customize labels and colors for each of your shifts to easily highlight your personal schedule. Visit to see a full list of scheduling options. The symbols appear on your Fire Shift Calendar by putting certain words in your event title on your Google Calendar: Trade Off = ToTrade Work = TwTraining = TPayday = $Vacation = VHoliday =. Appointment (or appt or appoint) = aOvertime = otOn Call (or oncall) = oCKelly Day = + Debit Day (or debitday) = ddWorks indefinitely. No purchasing of yearly licenses, free updates, no subscriptions fees. Feedback is appreciated: kevin@fireshifts.comType & Offset for requested cities are listed here: for Calendar sync here:
Operating System Android