Large Countdown Timer

If you need a Large and simple Countdown Timer, Timesolutely lite is the app for you.It is a very high quality short Interval Timer and Quick Alarm with very large digits.The app was designed in particular for these use cases:- As speakers' timer in presentations, lectures or debate club: The screen won't turn off while you speak.- Real world timed games with friends, where each player has a time limit to complete a turn.- To limit children's play or TV time, to allow taking fair turns and to educate about the meaning of time.- In the kitchen: Very quick and easy to set and start, or pull previous session from history using the Rollback button.- During exercise: Can run in the background, so you to can enjoy other apps in parallel.- Taking naps: You can set to wake up at specific time of day, or after a specified time length. There's also a snooze button.- For taking medication: Just enable the "Replay" button on the alert, and let it alert every 8 hours for example.- For quick reminders: Set, for example, 1 hour with a 5 minutes early warning.Limitations: this app does not include stopwatch and cannot measure more than 99 hours. It can run only one session at a time.Main Features:Very large digits, readable from a distanceApp WidgetEarly Warning notificationHistory rollback buttonSnooze & Repeat Buttons on the AlertProximity sensor - prevents wake up in the pocketErgonomicInteractive HelpSafe app, and no advertising, beside a small in house banner to install my other appFull features list can be found here: Make sure to add my app to the white list of any app that optimize battery life or deep sleep.~~~~Help page, with permissions explained: forum: asked questions: am very responsive and happy to help - email me!
Operating System Android