Typing Speed Checker

Typing speed checker is basically a tool for all of you. Most of the people have slow typing speed and most have normal and most have fast so why not test it out yourself and see how fast you can type actually ? This tiny tool will allow you to type in some text within a time limit and will rate you after you complete that specific sentence. You can use this free tool to have fun with your friends or family or you can use this free tool for education purposes like you can try to improve your typing speed using this free tool.This is a tiny software and no installation is needed for this, just double-click the EXE application and you're ready to use it. Read the instructions written on the first screen you'll see and hit the start button to run the countdown and wait for it to reach zero and then you just start typing as fast as you can ! If you think, copying the provided text and pasting it on the provided text area will give you impressive rating then you're wrong, that wont help as you cannot copy or paste on that text area. There is a help video inside the application, just right-click on any blank space and click HELP from the context menu and you will be shown a full video on how to use this application. This application need only 1 MB of your hard disk space. This application will run on both 32bit as well as 64bit windows versions. This application will run on Windows 98 or advanced. This application needs only 128 MB ram to run fine. This application needs only one software requirement and it is the Dot Net Framework 2.0 which is basically pre-installed on most windows versions but if yours do not have it then you can download it for free from the Microsoft's official website. If you ever encounter any problem using the application then please report the bug or any error using the applications built-in bug reporting service which can be accesses by right-clicking on any blank space, after that a menu will pop up and you just have to select "RepBug" button to access the report service. We will try our best to make sure no any bugs affect your computer and right now we have tested this application 28 times on 4 different version of windows on 7 different computers including laptops as well.
File Size53.67 kB
Operating System Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows Windows 98
System Requirements.NET Framework 2.0