SPACE: Break phone addiction, stay focused

Stay focused, break phone addiction and manage your screen timeChange habits with friends & family; plot your progress with all of SPACEFeatured by Google as an 'Essential App' on Play StorePhones can leave us feeling anxious, distracted and absent from important moments with friends, families and ourselves. Sometimes it can feel like we're not in control. The answer isn't to avoid using phones altogether. That's not realistic and isn't even necessary.Instead we can focus on being in control of when we use our devices. Developed with input from leading thinkers in phone addiction and digital wellbeing, and downloaded by millions of users worldwide, SPACE will help you take back control of your phone.With SPACE you will:- Track screen time and phone usage to understand your current habits;- Understand what 'type' of phone user you are - be it boredom battler, social sticky-mitt, rabbit hole wanderer or busy bee;- Set goals to track phone usage and unlocks, track progress against these goals over time; including usage by app;- Use tools, such as excluding apps, notification blocking and screen dimming to stay focused;- Receive interruptions to help break phone addiction;- Share your progress with friends, families and colleagues, building new habits together (pro)- Benchmark performance against other SPACE users- Unlock top tips to achieve digital balance and control phone addictionSPACE users spend less time on their phone. Amongst our wider user base, SPACE users spend on average 2 hours and 46 mins on their phones per day - whilst the average US citizen is reported to spend 4 hours and 16 mins.After using SPACE for 4 weeks users reported that*:85% better understood their smartphone usage, 71% improved their smartphone usage, 40% improved their sense of wellbeing, 30% improved productivity.SPACE is an app to manage phone addiction and help restrict mobile usage. SPACE is free to users and does not contain adverts. We don't encourage scrolling or social networks.You can unlock some additional features by upgrading to SPACE Pro with a one-time payment.If you encounter any issues or have any suggestions to improve the app, please feel free to write to us at
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 12.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None