SgfEditor for Windows 8

SGFEditor reads and writes .sgf files, edits game trees, etc. It has several useful commands for reviewing games, including saving in reverse view to give a copy to your opponent. You can also just use it as a Go board to play a game. It features comments per move, board and stone markup with squares, triangles, and letters, cut/paste sub trees of variations, tree graph of game variations, marks selected branch when current move has branches, highlights treeview nodes when associated moves have comments, app bar for less frequently used touch commands, great keyboard driving in addition to touch support, tap last move to undo it (if it is misclick), save reverse view to give opponent a copy, game info dialog to edit lots of game metadata, and auto saves to temporary files, explicit save model for game states you like.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Windows, Windows 8
System Requirements None