Think of it as bookmarking application for desktop apps and documents Its purpose is to help you to answer questions such as: - what was that document I was working on Monday morning last week - what was the email that let me to change this file - what was the website I used to look up this information ----------------- It can record: Time spent viewing or changing a document - virtually any document-oriented application is supported for example: - MS Word, Excel, - Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator - Keynote, Pages, Numbers - and many others... It also support IDEs - Xcode, IntelliJ, Eclipse Time spent viewing a website - Safari and Chrome support is provided out of the box - Firefox is supported with use of an plugin it works great for many web apps, for example: - Gmail, Google calendars - JIRA, Confluence Other events and activities: - MS Outlook email, calendar and todo entries - Apple Mail - Apple Calendar - Adium - Skype The ActoTracker plugin architecture allows you to add support for any other event or activity in straightforward way. All you need is a bit of an AppleScript glue code
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