Linguistic Tree Constructor

Linguistic Tree Constructor is a free and Open Source tool for drawing linguistic syntax trees. It is good for quickly making syntax trees for large amounts of text, in a point-and-click fashion. Linguistic Tree Constructor is intended for quickly producing syntactic analyses of large amounts of text. The program does no analysis on its own. You can draw the tree as you required. The program supports adding "labels" to nodes. These labels are userdefinable, and can be used for such things as: Subject-Object-Predicate analyses, Rhetorical Structure Theory analyses, other discourse-level analyses, and RRG operator-projection analyses. Features include phrase-level categories are user-definable, both horizontal tree views and vertical tree views are supported, tree-view and brackets-view are supported, supports up to five interlinear lines at word-level, interlinear lines can be switched on and off individually, change colors of individual parts of the display, switch bracketing on and off for constituent levels, change magnification, unlimited undo, copy (parts of) tree to clipboard as bitmap, copy to clipboard in high resolution for publication-quality tree diagrams, printing, uses any font (including Unicode fonts), and supports right-to-left languages as well as left-to-right.
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License Free
File Size 11.93 MB
Version 3.1
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None