MobiWee for Blackberry

Locate lost or stolen devices: simply click to find your misplaced or stolen phone on a map. Whether on the bus, at the airport, or simply left at work, with the MobiWee location service, you're never left guessing. If your Blackberry is out of (GPS) range or turned off, MobiWee location services will keep trying until it is found. Manage & transfer files: send ringtones, pictures, or simply browse your files from any computer, Over the Air (OTA) or using WIFI. File manager reads and displays all files and folders (including your SD card), making it easy to add, remove, backup & restore your documents, files, music, ringtones, or videos. Manage & back up contacts: manage and back up all your contacts, no matter what kind of phone you have. Remotely back up, restore, delete or add a new contact to your Blackberry from any web browser. Transfer your contacts when you upgrade or lose your phone (also works with any Android or Windows Mobile Smartphone 6.0 and above).
File Size99.31 kB
Operating System Mobile BlackBerry BlackBerry OS 5.x BlackBerry OS 4.x