Highway Manager German

Highway Manager is the most complete gas mileage application for the Palm platform. It offers a complete range of tools and statistics so that you can keep complete control of all expenses associated with your vehicle(s). Features Metric and imperial measurements. Multiple statistics are calculated on either a single entry or a date range for an entire category and/or a vehicle. Date range statistics allow you to find out how much you spent in a given date range. liters/gallons per 100 km/miles amount per 100 km/miles amount per liter/gallon km/miles per liter/gallon total km/miles total amount Distance can be entered as absolute or relative mileage. Support for multiple currencies ensures that you always know how much you are spending when you take your vehicle across the border. Support for "trips" enables you to see how much you spent on that weekend trip or on those summer holidays.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1008.94 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirementsli>Palm OS 3.5