MsgBoard Cloner

Msgboard Cloner allows you to quickly construct messages on your primary monitor and then remote your work to another monitor or projector. From your primary monitor type or copy/paste your message select fonts, colors and other attributes size it from your primary monitor and then display it remotely. Your party, training session or other audience will only see the final result. The cloned image supports most "rich text" attributes as well as both foreground and background transparency. Messages may be preloaded and formatted with only the selected text being sent to the cloned display. The clone can also be set to 'stay on top' of other windows and can be repositioned from your primary monitor. Special Effects Since Msgboard Cloner supports transparency and can easily overlay screen images it also offers a simple a way to build layered messaging. A new clone screen can be built while a previous one is being displayed. Refreshing the Clone will immediately present the new text, formatting and size. The "Clone" can be set to 'stay on top' of other windows, its transparency can be adjusted to bleed through other background images or the "Clone" background alone can be set transparent showing only your text. Clone images can be saved with transparency intact. Complex Document Construction Both ImgBoard Cloner and Msgboard Cloner are available as free downloads on Together they allow complex document/image construction. Multiple simultaneous copies of ImgBoard Cloner and Msgboard Cloner can remotely position text annotations and/or image slices over a master document or image. Use ImgBoard Cloner to screen capture and save the result.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 379.46 kB
Version 2.9.174
Operating System Windows Windows XP Windows Vista
System Requirements None