Anagram Calculator

This is an advanced modern general purpose calculator with also some minimal scientific calculations support, intended to be used at any place whether its at home, school, office or at any other place. This is not a single calculator but can be called as a (or an important) set of calculators because it consist of many calculators. A portable solution for daily life numerical tasks/problems. Real-time results: Calculation happen as you type, hence providing fast and reliable user experience. History: This software is supported by powerful and flexible history recording system. You can add notes to your calculations and history can also be searched. All the history related options appear when you double click on history. Tabs: It has five categories of calculators called as 'Tabs', each intended for its own purpose. Tab can be selected from top bar. 1) Basic tab: This Tab is intended for general calculations and comes with basic standard features while some new and/or rare features as well such as Answer in words, Constants etc. 2) Unit Converter tab: This tab is intended for unit conversion based on predefined units or custom built. It has 170 units in 16 categories in predefined section. 3) Date Difference tab: Find difference between two dates ranging from 1 Jan, 0001 to 31 Dec, 9999. Dates can also be saved and are accessible from its menu. When a date in the menu is selected, selected date is sent to From date input. One another feature of this tab is that you can also add/subtract a date span to/from a date. 4) Percentage tab: This tab is consist of three calculators for percentage calculation purposes. 5) Expressions tab: Expressions tab is the tab where expressions are written. Expressions can be from simple to complex. This tab provides functions which can be used for different tasks. It also has large sets of predefined constants. Color schemes: You can select color scheme from a number of color schemes available in the settings screen including both dark and light color schemes. Color scheme is applied after restarting the software.
Price USD 20
License Purchase
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 2003, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements None