Process Engineering Calculator

Process engineering calculator contains the calculators described below. Units converter: containing 23 measurements with 200 unit conversions. Orifice sizing: Size an Orifice using International Standard ISO 5167-2:2003 or crane method. Control Valve Sizing: size control valves CV using Masoneilan method, Calculate CV or Flow rate from a given CV for different services. Relief Valve Sizing: size valves based on API 520 and API 521. API Gravity: measure how heavy or light a petroleum liquid is comparing to water. Cavitation Coefficient: used in centrifugal pumps. also can calculate the pump head providing that the Cavitation coefficient is defined. Cavitation Number: to characterize the potential of the flow to cavitate calculate the cavitation number and back calculate the local Pressure or vapor Pressure or velocity. Erosional Velocity: use API RP 14E to estimate the erosional velocity, mixture density, minimum pipe cross sectional area. Head loss: head loss and pipe cross sectional area using Darcy Weisbach equation also plot profile charts. Heat Exchanger Unknown Temperature: calculate any unknown one or two temperatures on the hot side or the cold side. Heat Transfer rate (Heat duty): for sensible and latent heat transfer. Hydraulic Diameter: for rectangular, elliptical and annulus pipe types. + Linear interpolation calculator: interpolate between tabulated values. LMTD calculator: Log Mean Temperature Difference for counter current and co-current flow. MMScfd Converter: convert mass flow or volume flow to Million Standard Cubic Feet. Nozzle Pressure Drop calculator for shell and tube heat exchangers. Pipe Friction Factor: Darcy and fanning friction factors using 2 equations. Other calculators including Pipe Sizing, Pumping Power, Reynold's Number, Scale Resistance, Sonic Velocity, Vapor Pressure, Velocity in Pipe, Vessel Volume and Vessels Liquid Height.
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