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Relief valve sizing calculator will size valves based on equations specified by American petroleum institute. The equations allow engineers to size relieve devices that can be used for different industrial applications. The equations used are based on API 520 7th Edition and API 521 4th Edition. A list of main features are below; 1. Support SI and US Units of measurements, with the ability to make input in different measurement units for Volumetric flow rate, Mass Flow rate, Temperature, Viscosity and Pressure. 2. Sizing conventional and pilot operated relief valves for gas or vapour relief. 3. Sizing conventional and pilot operated relief valves for liquid relief. 4. Sizing conventional and pilot operated relief valves for saturated and superheated steam relief. 5. Sizing conventional and pilot operated relief valves for vaporizing liquids (wetted vessels) 6. Evaluate multiple cases in one go. 7. Save and load your input. 8. Copy results and paste it anywhere in any document 9. Generate a summary report which can be printed or saved in different formats, Excel, Word and PDF. 10. Calculated variables are based on input and service, mainly the following variables are calculated for all services; Relieving Pressure, Required effective discharge area, Actual discharge area, Equivalent Orifice diameter of device, Installed Relief rate and Designation. More calculated variables are displayed depending on selected service and input parameters. 11. For vessel fire case (Vaporizing liquids - wetted vessels) the software will also calculate the rate of vaporization, the total heat absorption and the total wetted area. Calculations support both vertical, horizontal and spherical vessel orientation.
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