Numerical2 is the calculator without equal! Whether you're doing simple math, scientific equations, advanced brackets, or just like a pretty app, Numerical2 is the answer! Use the NEW Today Widget and work straight from Notification Center. FAST No equals button! Just type a question and get your answer. Brackets are added automatically as you type. Equations are automatically saved to the History list, which now syncs with iCloud. Rewritten in Swift to be fast fast fast. SMART Full scientific keypad including sin/cos/tan, EE, ln, log, square root and more! Use the fraction key to do coherent fractional math and your answer is presented in numeric and fractional formats. Use Pi, E and infinity to determine the answer to any question, including impossible ones. FLEXIBLE Customise your perfect calculator by changing History position to be behind keyboard or to the side ala Numerical 1. Landscape finally works on iPhone. Full support for iPad Split Screen multi-tasking. Install the Numerical2 keyboard so you can calculate a question in any app. Tap a button and the answer is inserted in the text field. Made a mistake? Tap the current equation to enter edit mode where you can select characters, insert and delete. Options to hide scientific keyboard, change decimal count of answer, and use radians/degrees for angle maths. Decimals and grouping symbols are localised. EVERYWHERE Install the Numerical2 Keyboard and calculate a question in any textfield in iOS. Enable the Today Widget so you can work directly from Notification Center. Tap to copy, paste or insert the answer in the currently context. History syncs via iCloud. Now support external bluetooth keyboards.
File Size7.52 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsiOS 10.0