Lectisoft Lincalc

Lincalc is a console calculator for evaluating algebraic, logarithmic, and trigonometric equations. It is designed to provide a quick and simple interface to a very powerful calculator. Its parser is based on the muParser engine . It supports user-defined variables, logical operators for conditions, and a wide range of mathematical functions each calculation that is made is stored in a result variable (Ans1, Ans2..) and can be referenced in equations. It also supports evaluation of multiple equations each separated by a ','.Functions include abs, exp, sqrt, avg, sum, min, max, sign, rint, ln, log10, log2, sin, sinh, asin, asinh, cos, cosh, acos, acosh, tan, tanh, acos, acosh.
License Free
File Size 569.08 kB
Version 1.1.4
Operating System Windows Me Windows Vista Windows XP Windows Windows 98 Windows 7 Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows NT