MovieCal is a calculator/converter with extensive options for professionals in the film & video business. MovieCal is freeware and available for MacOSX and Windows. MovieCal includes: - Converter Film & Videolengths Convert film & videolengths of various types (frames, feet, meter, time, timecode...). - Film & Videolengths Calculator Calculate with film & videolengths of various types. - Data Volume Calculator (image sequences & clips) Calculate your needed disc space for your clips and single frame sequences. Enter the duration (frames, feet, meter, time, timecode) and choose from a large number of common formats and codecs. - Frame Size Calculator (images & prints) Calculate the size (and file size) of your image, considering the dpi. There are a lot of international standard formats (ISO/DIN, ANSI, JB, Kai...) to choose from. - Bitrate Calculator Calculate the maximum bitrate (CBR) for your clips regarding to a specific medium (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HDD...).
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