StrategyBall, where your key skills for succeeding will be knowing when to lay low and let the random motion of objects move you around, and when to use your precious fuel resources to move yourself around to strategically favorable locations that will aid your survival, longevity and the health. (Tap on the left side of the screen to move up and to the left, tap on the right side to move up and to the right.)9 fun levels of increasingly devious conundrums lay ahead if you dont move with a strategy in mind. Adapt your strategy to balance your movement by using your own taps to maneuver deftly into areas of safety and advantage. Can you master the strategy? But if you treat it like a tap-happy action game where you charge headlong around the scene youll just end up losing your fuel and health and blame whoevers around you instead of taking personal responsibility for not achieving success.Threats to your survival strategy will come from various sources. Slow moving, disturbingly inquisitive circles will move in your direction. Go ahead, laugh smugly at their slowness, but theyre relentless in their pursuit. Can you use their relentless to your advantage? Get them to follow you, and if you have enough fuel, move to another location deftly and swiftly to buy yourself time. And deftness is what its all about when it comes to moving. But dont move too frequently, lest you deplete your fuel level too fast and leave yourself vulnerable. Use the spin of your ball in flight to your advantage, as you gain expertise. Use the elevator for a free ride against gravity to the green upper section, where your score will advance faster than at the bottom. Find a perch up there to chill and let your score/fuel level advance. But beware: the random motion of the flying balls can knock you off a perch. The key platform to locate is the health package base. But it will tilt occasionally, just when you think youve got it made. Enough with this chat, get playing and show youre a strategic master of the ball.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.