Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections

Who will run the White House next? Pigeons and their bird friends are choosing between Donald Trump and Joe Biden by pooping!Each level is in an iconic US city. In eac, our pigeons encounter some people from that city! When birds poop on the Republican or Democrat people, they say funny things and react differently based on their character! Some laugh at you, some throw stuff at you, some take cover and some run away. However after you poop enough on anybody, they will change their political party! Pigeons are not alone on their pooping journey. Other birds such as storks, sparrows and owls join them too!When you POOP on Trump, Biden and other people and politicians in Pigeon POOlitics, your poop counts! You can see the poop statistics in different states and predict the election better! There are thousands of pigeons around the country pooping on their rival political party.Pigeon POOlitics is not only an entertaining game, but also a fun way to stay on top of daily election news! Our highly trained owls curate the best of the political news and bring it to you in fun, bite-sized snippets inside the game!When you are playing Pigeon POOlitics, dont forget to play it with sound! When you poop on Trump, Biden, Obama, Bush and other politicians, they react with funny dialogues and attack back! Be careful, they dont fool around!Unique features:- Funny caricatures of famous politicians- Funny dialogue imitating famous politicians (Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bush, Pelosi, etc.)- Live POOP map of birds from around the country- Fun, bite-sized news of the 2020 election delivered promptly- A lot of funny voter characters that make you laugh- Different types of pigeons and other birds who want to be part of the action!Dont wait any longer! If you want to get in on some pooping action, laugh and get the latest election news, download Pigeon POOlitics and choose between Donald Trump and Joe Biden by pooping as a pigeon!
License Free
Version 1.1.72
Operating System Android