THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT BASIC RULES OF THE GAMEconnect as many neuron endings as possiblealways connect the endings of an ill neuron in seriesnever connect hyperactive cell endings in a rowMain features of Connectom:BEAUTIFUL, FULL-RESOLUTION GRAPHICS AND DESIGNIntuitive user experience for organic gameplay on Android phones and tabletsABILITY TO PLAY OFFLINELevels with different levels of difficulty offer fun for everyone - on the go, offline and playable onlineINTERACTIVE TUTORIALSimply explore the challenges and rules of the game by playing the interactive tutorialSUPPORT VIA HINTSSo you quickly discover your blind spots, which will lead to a much faster progressNEURONS WITH SPECIAL GAMEPLAY CHALLENGESRelease blockages and instantly get time and point credits completely free of chargeFULL-FEATURED ONLINE/OFFLINE LEADERBOARD SYSTEMLeaderboards to track your friends and competitors or to prove your progressINFINITE GAMEPLAY AND FUNEmbark on an adventurous journey through the brain, where you can test your combinatorial talent, dexterity and responsivenessFREQUENT FEATURE UPDATESConnectom is constantly being improved and we always try to do our best!Embark on the path of enlightenment to test combinatorial talents, dexterity and responsiveness. Master the challenge of removing blockages within the remaining time and develop yourself step by step...In the game itself you are in a brain ... Why? Well ... where else would be the best starting point for the path to enlightenment? At Connectom, your score reflects your personal progress.Basically, the following applies ... the more completely you build the path, the higher your personal progress will be ... Quite simple, right? ... To make a connection, simply touch the area between two opposing neuron endings.By the way ... when a neuron body starts to glow white and you close all endings of this brain cell in series, you will receive a special bonus for your extraordinary responsiveness!The path to enlightenment also offers other special challenges. Because, apart from the normal brain cells, there are some blockages. These are either ill or hyperactive neurons. Fortunately, you can easily remove these blockages. All you have to do is to heal the respective neurons with a little combinatorial talent and dexterity.For each rescue, you will receive an extra time and score credit in addition to the usual points for making a connection. Your ability to react remains challenged, however, because the game speed increases a little for each healed brain cell. This way you can develop step by step and easily increase your dexterity and combinatorial talents in the course of the game. But be careful! On your journey to enlightenment, you are racing against time ...So don't wait any longer for an exciting adventure! ... install Connectom and embark on the path of enlightenment!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.4
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up