Prison Hitman Escape:Assassin HD

In this Crime Prison version, try to break out of each jail room. Solve the mini puzzles and discover the hidden objects to use them to open the room and go to the next level. This popular game has now a Prison themed of all your favorite Prison break movies.Hitman simulationGet ready to attack maximum security prison on hilly landscape inDead Prison Escape:Assassin 3D game. Show extreme stealth skills to sneak inside jail to help your cell inmates and gang members in this newest prison break game. In this impossible mission your objective is shoot to kill anyone, murder cops, soldiers, jail officer or trained snipers.Get ready in this epic prison escape mission to jailbreak American maximum security prison hard time alcatraz jail. Hard time is not over yet show your brutal attacking skills to knockdown prisoner, criminals and gangsters crew and save yourself from their counter attacks. You have been sent to alcatraz jail for years for a crime you have not committed. Rival business tycoon conspired to keep you locked up in psychotic criminal rehabilitation center in alcatraz jail. He bribed warden, gangsters and criminals to kill you in alcatraz jail. Dont want to waste your life in this torturing hell. Make a tricky jail break plan and rescue yourself. Find out the tools hidden that might help you in fighting with the aggressive cops, guards, criminals and gangsters. Use your weapons in the best possible way to kill prisoners. Make your super moves to get rid of the criminals in one go in this survival game!Prison Hitman Escape:Assassin Open World gameControl NewYork Hitman defending its territory from humans. Sneak up on enemy Gangster and kill them wit your strong hits. In this APP game you have to control a Hitman , who is infuriated by the fact that there humans entered his territory. Penetrate the military camp, City, and other places where Mafia settled to destroy them all. Be careful, the Mafia are well-armed. So you need to use a variety of shelters, guide your hero along rooftops, etc. Attack enemies from behind.San Andreas Crime City : Gangster Story is one of the best action games in 2015!In this game you are gangster - hero, who doesn't afraid anything. In your city mafia ruling the streets. Savage, aggressive criminals are everywhere. They shooting, kill people, rob banks and stores. There is a criminal chaos in the city.Incarnation of the protagonist of the game, becoming the most feared orangutan jungle it!TheftThe protagonist of a Hitman, in order to save fellow snatch territory, and human Himan at war!Brutal assassination sneak jungle, contract killer a ninja thief give a fatal blow from behind the enemy!Watch your footsteps in the jungle, never positive conflict warring with the enemy,st uncertaintyHuman Sniper firepower very powerful!Features:Amazing levelsClimbing and fighting skillsEnjoy free roaming in the areaRealistic graphics with real physics for best experienceAmazing background sound
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.