Rise Of Monkeys Forest Mission

Rise up and conquer the forest. Its been decades that the world has been lead by the cruel human who have no urge to live in it. All they have is a mission to lead the forest and kick out all the monkeys from the forest. By the time technology increased they actually did rise up and manage to have shooting and hunting skills and succeeded in their mission. They used technology to take over the forest and attack all the apes that were able to fight them. They did rise up when they fight all the animal shoot them, hunt them down and did not let anyone escape from their adventurous attack on the city and the innocent forest creatures as well. The apes have some thrilling mission senses exactly like human and they remember all that shoot and survival chaos in jungle. They are not here to quietly suffer all this. They still hear the shooting, the killing, the screams for help for their survival, their unlimited trials to escape the death mission of human.Rise of Monkeys and survival in the ForrestIts been known by the apes that human are pure evil. They are even worse than animals. They dont deserve a rise; their rise is a mistaken incident happened at bad times and it was only a mission for them. That was the time when animals failed to escape, unable to fight, got hunt, get shot so many times and lost the forest survival mission but there were few apes that were alive. Human didnt shoot the apes of forest, monkeys thrillingly are known to be intelligent creatures and they were allowed for a survival so they can be used later on in the process of the fake rise of human race. Since monkeys have attacking and hunting skills just like human so now the adventure for human became a forest survival mission for the apes of jungle. Its time for monkeys to rise in the forest and hunt down there enemies, ace this mission with shooting and fighting skills. Enjoy this adventure of jungle survival and attack the evils.Rise to be the clever apes, fight and survive in the Forrest MissionPull up your courage, accomplish your mission, Hunt down the enemy with your lethal skills, block their escape with your shooting thrills and shoot them right in their heads to let them know that apes can have the skills and can be the cruelest of all the forest creatures, never underestimate the fighting and shooting senses of apes in any survival mission. It s your turn to rise up in the forest and make them regret their mission. Make them shoot themselves in their nerves, make them beg for their survival and escape and run away from this shooting and thrilling chaos. The skills you have a marvelous have adventurous fun utilizing those apes hunting skills. In this mission dont even let other shooting forest animals to fight the apes. Kill them, kill them all. Win this mission and survive and rise like a superhero of apes.Rise of Apes Jungle Survival Features :1- Stupendous forest environment2- Amazing sounds of shooting, fighting and hunting adventures of apes3- Challenge yourself with these hard missions4- Marvelous Apes and animals characters5- Amazing 3D forrest environmemt6- Interesting Game Play7- Smooth and intuitive controls
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.