Dance! The Rhythm Game (Early Access)

Join our party in Dance! The Rhythm Game, full of unique music and unforgettable emotions.Challenge your sense of rhythm playing one of the charismatic dancers. Youll never get bored with hot rock n roll, dazzling samba, sparkling rumba and many other dance styles you will be able to try in this game soon. We prepared various activities, exciting dance arenas, colorful outfits, vivid characters, and impressive achievements. New music tracks and exclusive content are added regularly. Its your chance to take a look inside the vibrant world of dances!Features:Unique charismatic dancersDazzling dance floorsDance classes of all kindsSpectacular showsDances with other playersRealistic dance movesInspiring musicDance movements collectionTwo single-player modes: Dance Story and Dance ValleyTwo multiplayer modes: Dance Arena and Social Dance HubHighly recommended for those who are passionate about:Dances! And all that jazz, hip-hop, and so on...Rhythm-based dance gamesMultiplayer gamesModern dance musicCasual gamesRoleplayStart your dancing journey! Pick a dancer, give him or her a stage name and join many other citizens of our dancing city. Just think of that! A special city, only for dancers. Get stuck or want to share your emotions after a recent dance show? You can do it in our chat, everyone will see your message and somebody will definitely answer you. All our drop-dead gorgeous dancers is a big close-knit dancing community!Shows, glory, and fans! It all starts with long hours spent at dance classes. Be a patient dancer, repeat all the movements after your teachers. Practice, practice, practice until you get ready for the challenging auditions and dance battles. But never forget - it is just a rhythm game! So, relax, dress up your dancers and dance to your favorite hits for fun.The dancing city never sleeps, youll never get bored or feel blue here. Keep your dancers in a good shape - after tough auditions, they need some time to refill their energy. There are two types of quests in the game: daily and general. Choose whatever you want. Earn your deserved rewards by completing tasks and use them to level up your dancers. Earn some coins and go shopping! Buy special items and equip your dancers with special skills to boost your score.Unlock the Arena and Social Hub! Challenge other players in dance battles. Do your best to outdance your competitors and get the highest score. Hit the spot! Compete one-to-one in a private room or dance against a few players online. Dont be uptight, just believe in yourself and youll have a lot of fun.Amaze your fellows and other players with your skills and start climbing the dancing leaderboards! We have dozens of modern music tracks to dance with friends. Earn the highest score dancing the music hits all night long! Repeat the rhythm of catchy songs and watch how skilfully your dancers will deal with acrobatic rocknroll! The road to fame is long. There are so many things to learn and discover but you can do it with dances in your heart!All dance styles and movements you find in Dance! The Rhythm Game were taken from real life! Wanna impress your friends at the next party? Lets do it! Use the game to learn new cool steps, spins, turns, and twists and dance them for real. Not ready yet? Invite your besties in the game to hold a party right here! Unlock new dancers and their secret abilities, match pairs, and train them for dance competitions. When the time comes, choose your best dancers and dress them up for the show to make your biggest fans to cheer you on.It is time to have a blast! Acrobatic RocknRoll is a highly competitive and physically demanding partner dance. It combines such styles as Rock and Roll, Lindy Hop, Swing, Boogie Woogie. The basic rhythm is Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow. Dancers usually wear awesome multi-colored costumes and spend their time dancing whole days and nights.
License Free
Version 1.0.24
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 6.0 and up