Develop your knowledge on the geography of seas, oceans, gulfs, bays and straits around the world :- Maps- Connexions between seas and oceans- Size of bodies of waterTake a seat and travel all over the world (Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Artic, Oceania, India, Australia, Japan, China, Philippines, USA, UK, France, etc.) On all the seas and oceans of the world (Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean, Arctic ocean, Indian ocean, Mediterranean sea, Carribean sea, North sea, Black sea, Gibraltar Strait, Hormuz strait, Mozambique channel and many others)When you need to check the answer to a question, you can click on HINT.If you are in a learning process, we recommend that you systematically use HINT the first time you play one of the twelve tests. Then, replay the test without using HINT.By installing this app you agree to the following privacy policies:''
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