Nut Heads - Dragon Slayer

They just keep on coming fearless dragons.There is no way but to use magic, alchemy and chemistry to fight it back.So we created alchemy laboratory, and we used magic to create little positive thinking monsters that only purpose is to run, hit and crush into dragon.Dragons evolved and created some kind of shield which we need to destroy to damage the dragon. Shield is our first priority. Nothing else is more important.Here is the list of monsters that will be helping you against the enemy:Lemmy:Small, fragile, and armed unit only with their natural small scratching claws, Lemmy is among the weakest units in the game. They are, however, produced in great numbers and with unbelievable speed. When lemmies are on the battlefield, they produce unstoppable wave of damage to the dragon.Monomon:Monomon is bubbly shaped monster with his strong electrically charged skin. His purpose is to disrupt field of shield and make shield weaker. With monomons on the battlefield you will have ability to penetrate the shield.Lapis:Lapis is spike armored little tank. Slow and powerful monster forged out of steel with spikes covering his body. Those attacked by Lapis are forever doomed and forgotten. Lapis is level 3 monsters, and he will be your best ground unit for the fight against the flying dragons.Zillaz:Fear can be a terrible weapon. Zillaz is all about the fear. His origin is still unknown but whatever zillas touch is shattered from inside out. Scream of fear is his weapon. So why do you think he looks so scared?Weebo:Weebo is as we call it - a spotter. His 4 eyes can see any weak point in shield or dragon. His 10/10 eyesight makes him the most precise attacking monster in the whole game. For faster movement Weebo developed four legs.SooshiEyes on the pins and spikes on the body. That's our Sooshi. Sooshi was developed in a laboratory combining Lapis and Weebo. However first experiment didn't go well as the Doctor find his lab destroyed after making first Sooshi. Use Sooshi for shield crushing - it's his best skill. Some call him - shield piercer.El GatoEl Gato is most similar to the cat, but it's far from that. His fur is covered with acid that react with dragon skin. There for when he crushes the wall he makes more internal damage to the dragon. Use him in the first line when fighting against the sitting dragon monsters.Num NumBat alike monster with piggy face is second best creature in the game. His pig smell and bat mobility makes him a flying fortress. Nothing can stop him. Hi will fly fast and hit the shield and dragon with damage most known to the titans.OVER 9000On the end is all about OVER 9000. 95th generation of droid monster battleship capable of delivering fusion beam into area no bigger than a needle. There is a legend saying OVER 9000 once crushed level million dragon by itself. Is this true?Enjoy the dragon slaying game by hitting it with nut heads. And most of all - have fun.It's time you take control over the monsters and start crushing those walls.P.S. We don't know why but monsters really like the hats.
License Free
Version 11.1.19
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.