Cyber Punch - Cyborgs & Robots Beat'em Up & Fighting Game by Pedro Ruz

[ luna_admin> Luna, the colony where you were created is in danger![ luna_admin> Service and security robots have been hacked and have taken over the colony.[ luna_admin> You are codename "CyberPunch" the first sentient cyborg we have created. You have been awoken by the security protocols to take back control of the colony.[ luna_admin> Will you be able to go through all three levels of security or will you fail and be defeated by your enemies?[ luna_admin> Do you remember your Basic Controls and Attack protocols?[ CyberPunch> Touch the D-Pad to move in the desired direction.[ CyberPunch> Double tap to either side to run[ CyberPunch> Press "A" to Attack[ CyberPunch> Press "B" to Jump[ CyberPunch> ADVANCED ATTACK PROTOCOLS[ CyberPunch> 1-2-3 Combo! (Punch an enemy in quick succession) [ A + A + A ][ CyberPunch > Roundhouse Kick (Press B while running) [ -> -> + B ][ CyberPunch > Jump Attack Blast (Press A while on the air after jumping) [ B + A ][ luna_admin > Need an Upgrade? Pick up the Omega-Gauntlets![ luna_admin > I have hidden them in the service carts, just punch them and press "A" to pick them up! [ A ][ luna_admin >They are still prototypes so they will break after 20 successful hitsExclusively available on the App Store!- 8-bit Animations- Retro Arcade-Style- Custom Soundtrack and SFX
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.