Otter ForestIdle Game

Otter Forest is an Idle game where a lot of cute and unique otters gather.After setting the meal, take a peek into the forest at the spare time.A lot of unique otters are gathered.By improving the forest environment, you can collect more otters and animals.All kids are cute so watch them all and complete the picture book!The more you interact with the otter, the more information you can get.Contact each other so you can see all the stories of a unique otter!- A lot of unique otters that are cute and have a slight habit come outIn the otter forestFat child, child who seems to have bangs setIt seems that there is such an otter.A lot of unique otters come.- Enrich the otter forest and collect lots of animals!By preparing the environment such as forest nuts and playgroundVarious otters will gather.Let's put all the otters in the picture book!- Touch the gap time!Otter Forest is a neglected game isAfter setting food, just waitLet's see the situation after a whileVarious animals are gathering!Let's be healed in the gap time!- Get along with the otter!Get in touch with otters and get closerOtter information increased by making friends with the otter.The picture book will be enriched!You can see various otter stories!Some animals gather by getting along with the otter.More animals will gather!- Easy operation and simple rulesKawaso no Mori is a simple operation that touches the tablet.Even people unfamiliar with the game can play.Since it is a simple rule to touch otters gathered with food, I think that you will understand immediately.Since the tutorial can be reconfirmed from the optionsIf you get lost, you can always check- Shoot with camera and shareWhen individual otters gatherShoot with your camera and share with your friendsShow off your favorite kids and their results on Twitter and Facebook!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.22
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.