Climate Trail

Survive and stay alive as climate change ravages the earth! Escape to more hospitable location with the limited resources you have and increasing heat scorch your homeland. Do you have the necessary survival skills to reach your destination before your time and resources run out? Join us in this thrilling, RPG adventure now!What is climate change and how does it happen? How does climate change affect the world, especially in America? You can learn all about it while playing this RPG adventure Game. You can learn the devastation that is caused by climate change and how it turns area that was once green into inhabitable places for humans. Wildfires are getting wilder, the land is completely dry, and there is no water to be found. Your entire home and the surrounding area has become a wasteland. It feels like its apocalypse now! It might even be the last day on Earth. Your only hope is to flee to Canada where the land is still lush and green.=== FEATURES OF CLIMATE TRAIL: ===100% FREE and NO ADS!Our aim is to educate people while telling a compelling storyline and engage you in an addictive RPG adventure game. Thats why this game is totally FREE and without ADS! Immerse yourself in this post-apocalyptic world with no distraction.IMMERSIVE STORY AND GAMEPLAYExperience what it feels like to be one of the few survivors in a very inhospitable environment. Learn how to survive in the most dire situations. Know how to use very limited resources to stay alive and make the journey to your destination. You will feel desperation and urgency as your resources grow less and less. and joy when you successfully face the challenges on the way. You will also feel and learn about how the climate change will affect every last human being on the planet.GREAT CHALLENGESMaybe youve played a lot of survival and shelter building games. Even if you are a seasoned player, you will still need to think and strategize to be able to make it alive in this game. If you are a beginner in survival games, dont worry. It will be a great way to learn tactics, strategies, and exploring all possibilities. Climate Trail is a great game to train your problem solving skill.EDUCATIONAL GAMEOur mission is to educate everyone about the cause and the effects of climate change. You will learn the scientific facts about whats currently happening to our earth. Then, we hope you use the knowledge to change your habits and lifestyle to prevent the condition becomes worse much faster.GREAT GRAPHIC AND GAME DESIGNClimate Trail is created by an industry veteran with decades of game design experience. We worked hard to make sure this game has a great graphic and enjoyable to play.So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to play as a climate refugee and survive all the obstacles?Download and play Climate Trail NOW!We charge nothing and we play no ads, however, we still need every support you can give. Please leave us an awesome feedback and also rating. We urge you to also share this game to everyone you know so they too can play and learn about climate change from The Climate Trail. Thank you!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up