Tap and learn musical rhythm - Beat the Rhythm

Reading rhythm, learning music theory and counting music have never been that easy ! Just tap the pulse and beat the rhythm !100% of musicians who don't learn rhythm loose their motivation.And you are one app ahead of solving it. Build your future as a musician with us ! Build strong fundamental rhythmic skills !Whether you play guitar, drum, piano, bass or any other instrument knowing rhythm is essential to progress. But you may know how hard it is to follow the tempo of your favorite musics or being synchronized when playing with your band or friends.Beat the Rhythm brings you everything you need to master rhythm and grow that groove that separate an amateur and a musician: easy but exhaustive and accurate lessons, a rhythm game for more interactive practices and a complete and powerful curriculum that will help any beginner realizes themselves as a rhythm hero.Tired of boring classes ? We crafted super effective exercises that are both addictive and demanding. Learn with us, and you will be able to face with confidence any of the songs you dream to play. More than everything, our job is to make musical rhythm theory playful enough to motivate you to play every day. With Beat the Rhythm, you will forget you are actually studying a bunch of quavers and sixteenth notes !An addictive game to learn rhythm- Tap your finger on the screen as if you were playing percussion. Our app detects automatically if you are counting music and reading the rhythm correctly.- Learn musical rhythm and music reading through an exhaustive and solid curriculum, step by step from the beginner level to an advanced level. Our app is a real rhythm reading and counting method. It's just more fun !- Play more, learn more and get all the stars until you unlock our rhythm hero status !A musical application which really focuses on your progressesSay yes to our fun and easy rhythm lessons, say hello to your skills !Beat the Rhythm will teach you all the binary (4/4) and ternary (6/8) figures. You willl learn how to read, count and feel semibreve, minim, crotchet, quaver, semi quaver and so on with a special focus on the importance of silences with the break, whole rest, half rest, quarter rest, eighth rest and sixteenth rest.Naturally, you will also learn how to read musical rhythm modifiers such as bounded notes, pointed notes and linked notes. Carrying all that knowledge, you will finally be able to feel and master your favorite music styles; rhythm is everywhere: metal, rock, jazz, pop, funk, folk, country music. You name it.An essential application, even if you take music lessons !Are you attending a music school, learning yourself or going in a music academy ? Are you learning guitar, bass, drum, percussion or any other instrument ?You can use our app to play more easily any musical style and any songs you like. Rhythm is what makes apart a musician and an amateur and you can learn rhythm reading and musical rhythm theory all in one app ! Whether you play metal, pop, folk, blues or country, you need that groove.- Musical transcription, writing and reading rhythm, tabs or partitions will be a breeze for you- You will become a rhythm-hero without effort. Just play and beat the rhythm.- Become that beat box your friends are impressed by !You just met your personal rhythm teacher and coach. We will motivate you, grow you musical rhythm and music reading skills and even improve your ear. You can even show us to your teacher if you have one, they will love us.Are you ready to beat the rhythm ?
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Version 1.2.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up