Invire Stock Market Game

Fancy having a profitable stock market portfolio that pays you impressive dividends frequently? Start by practicing your skills in this free stock market game that simulates real market conditions so you can learn the basics of investing without any risk. To start playing, all you need to do is download the app and make an account by sharing basic information.The game is simple and requires you to create a simulated portfolio of stocks after allocating the budget for the event you are participating in. No money is involved, but players win XP for creating the top portfolios in each event. As you continue to gain XP you are rewarded with educational tips and tutorials on proven strategies that work for the stock market.Events are held Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. You can learn more about investing by comparing the progress of your portfolio against the rest of the participants in an event at the end of the competition.Features:Free stock market gameExperiment with allocating your budget in different waysParticipate in Daily, Weekly, and Monthly competitionsCompare the performance of your stocks with other usersWin educational content and be rewarded with points for selecting the best-performing portfoliosHow to use Invire?Learning through experience is a great way to learn how to invest in stocks. However, you probably dont want to risk money by investing without any prior knowledge or practice.Invire is here to offer a no-risk educational game that you can play irrespective of your age, state, or country!Home - Log in to Invire to view the home screen that displays your profile picture, username, and experience level.At the bottom of the page, you will find the option to select the stocks you want to follow. You can choose from thousands of stocks and add them to your favorites.Play The Play screen allows you to take part in ongoing competitions that are held regularly. On the Play screen, you will find Daily, Weekly, and Monthly competitions and the option to join games of your choice.You can choose which competition you would like to participate in and set your budget accordingly. Users can determine which stock/stocks they want to invest in for each competition. As a user, you can add various companies to your list of favorite stocks on the add stocks page.Results The Results page allows you to see how your portfolio is performing compared to the rest of the users in each event. At the end of each competition, you can see all the portfolios that you were competing against, and evaluate your performance and investment strategy.Learn Invire rewards you for creating winning portfolios with really helpful educational material. Win educational content on investing and trading to learn how to invest your real money. Go to the Learn page to view all educational content. It is also possible to purchase educational books through Amazon if you want to increase your knowledge outside of our app.Easy to use features and an interactive interface makes Invire one of the best stock trading apps on mobile devices.You can choose to play for free or pay $2 per month to earn double XP in every competition, have access to our Intrinsic Value Calculator, and not lose an XP if you finish in the bottom 50% in a competition.Enjoy using Invire? We would love to hear your views on our game.
Price USD 1.99
License Purchase
Version 5.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.