Trezo- announces a lucky number in every 30 minutes and a quiz in every 24 hoursFor prediction you have to predict a number from 0 to 9 by using trezo tokens on a single or multiple numberIf your prediction matches with the lucky number declared by trezo, you will receive 9 times of your invested tokensIn playing quiz if you clear the quiz test, you will get ten tokens as bonusNothing needed except brains to play a quiz, but tokens earned can be used to predictTokens earned by playing quiz cant be redeemed, can only be used in playing prediction game. Whereas token earned in prediction can be redeemed.Say, if you play prediction game by 100 tokens earned by playing quiz. You have used 10 tokens on number 1, 70 on number 5, and 20 on number 8 and the winning number announced is number 5. So you get 70x9 that is 630. These tokens can be used for further prediction or can be redeemed.This game is a brain teaser meant for somebody, anybody, everybody.Trezo prediction brain game is round the clock prediction game.Trezo quiz is single attempt in 24 hours.Free registration, fast redemption and instant wallet rechargeBest of luck, start predicting using your skill
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up