Cash Show Helper Unlimited

Cash Show Helper utilizes a complex artificial intelligence combined with the knowledge base of the internet to provide you with live answers for the trivia game show Cash Show.This is the Unlimited version. You may use it as much as you like. A Credit based version is also available on the Google Play Store.Cash Show Trivia Helper began as a private project with the objective of assisting a small group of friends to win Cash Show. After extensive testing, heaps of fun and a pile of winnings we have decided to present this application to the public.Cash Show Helper is not designed to give you every correct answer for the trivia game show Cash Show.But it can reliably answer those difficult, obscure and random questions which may stump you.Pay attention to your instincts and knowledge.Answer using your common sense and remain engaged in the game.When and if you have no better source of information to make your choice, Cash Show Helper is there to help you win!Good Luck and Have Fun!
Price USD 2.99
License Purchase
Version 1.4.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up