Tactic Toolbox London System

The London System is becoming increasingly popular, both at grandmaster andclub level. The theory of the opening is developing quickly, with new things beingtested all the time. This, in return, gives rises to fresh tactical ideas which shouldbelong to the basic arsenal of any London devotee after all, tactics remains thebe-all and end-all of the game.Simon Williams shows all the complications in the London Systemone has to know as White, giving you the tactical tools for a successful practicethe player who knows the typical motifs has an advantage over the board. Usingthe interactive FritzTrainer format which invites the viewer to answer questionsby entering the moves on the screen, the Ginger GM, intensively and systematically,makes your familiar with a multitude of typical tactical finesses in positionsof the London System. Of course, those who dont yet have this opening in theirrepertoire can also profit after all, a sharp combinatorial vision is always usefulin chess.
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System Requirements Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.