Solar System 3D

Solar System 3D - Educational visualization and simulation of the Solar System in 3D graphics.Travel to the Solar System by planets. An atmospheric experience in the vacuum of space!High definition graphics and atmospheric music will make you feel like you are there!3d model of the solar systemThis visualization contains:- Sun.- Mercury.- Venus.- Earth with the moon.- Mars.- Asteroid belt.- Jupiter.- Saturn.- Uranus.- Neptune.- Pluto.Features:- Real 3D visualization and realistic space models.- HD graphics and awesome music and sound effects- Information from NASA and Wikipedia.- Better overview.- Easy to use and intuitive controlsThe 3D models in this app are based on photos taken by NASA spacecraft and ground-based telescopes. Because some of the moons around the gas giants have only been visited once or twice, we may have partially complete images. Missing surface detail for these objects is estimated from what can be seen.In this solar system simulator, you can explore the brilliant blue-green Uranus, knocked onto its side by a massive collision. Visit the proto-planet Ceres which makes up one-third of the mass of the asteroid belt. Marvel at Neptune's moon Triton which orbits in the opposite direction to Proteus. Take in the sights of the Jupiter's heavily scarred moon Callisto, its surface pockmarked by countless impact craters.Solar system 3D Ideal educational introduction for kidsExplore!Remember! *The proportions and dimensions, as well as the speed and orbits are changed for greater visibilityThis app contains the links to the and sites.Programming and design by Glitch Squirrel.Powered by Unity.
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Version 44.10
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up