Globe Guzzler

Youre a giant space monster who woke up from a deep slumber that cannot be quenched! All you can do is devour nearby worlds by destroying their cores. Watch out! There are people living on these worlds, and theyre not too happy that youre destroying them all. Most of them will avoid you, but some worlds have fearsome soldiers that can do some damage.Eventually, you will starve to death. Thats just how it goes being such a huge creature! You burn a lot of calories. How much destruction can you cause before you die?The controls are simple. Drag anywhere on the screen and fling to send your monster flying. While in the air, hold your finger down to send your monster crashing back into the nearest planet. The faster youre falling, the more damage you do, so fling yourself as high as you can before dropping again, without leaving the planets area.Once you hit the very core of the planet, it will explode! Everything on it will die, youll rack up more points, and best of all, youll satisfy a bit of your hunger. The only way to stay alive is to keep eating!
License Free
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.