Enjoy the soothing sensation of whittling a blunt stick into a beautiful point in Whittler! Carve up multicolored sticks with your knife! Make your points even pointier!HOW TO PLAY:You have a knife and a stick. Spin the stick by swiping left and right. Control the knife by swiping up and down. Swiping up will cause the knife to cut into the stick. To finish a cut, swipe to the top of the stick. To cancel a cut, swipe down out of the cut area.HOW TO EARN POINTS:Whittle a pointy enough stick, and you'll be able to earn a point. The ideal point is centered and pretty steep, but some variation is acceptable. To assist in point creation, guidelines can be turned on with the second button on the right in the Options menu. Whittle until you can spin your stick without it covering those lines, and the Reset button will turn to a Green Checkmark. When this happens, you're point is ready to go. Hold down the Green Checkmark and you'll get a fresh stick and 1 point added to your score.HOW TO UNLOCK KNIVES:Though all the knives function in essentially the same manner, they vary in sharpness, and this results in slightly different handling. To begin experiencing this slight variation, you'll have to earn some points. When the number of points earned is greater than or equal to the number on the lock next to the knife you want, hold down the lock to unlock the knife. This will not cost you any points, but the next unlock will require you to earn more.Whittle on!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 0.1.56
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android