WhoHePlayFor (Baseball)

WhoHePlayFor is a simple educational game where you test your knowledge and see if you know WhoHePlayFor. Start the game, wait for the player's picture to load, take a guess, that's it.Whether you just started watching the MLB or have been watching for a couple of years, WhoHePlayFor is made for you. With 5 different grid setups and 7 different game modes (2 of which are multiplayer modes) you can be sure that you'll be able to find a comfortable place to start.Grid Setups are:- 2x2 (Rookie)- 3x3 (Pro)- 4x4 (All Star)- 5x5 (Hall of Fame)- 5x5 (GOAT)Modes are:- Normal Mode- Clutch Mode- Time Attack- 1 Minute- Horse (Multiplayer)- 1 Minute (Multiplayer)Compare your High Scores for all grid setups and games modes with your friends.Use Player Stats to find unique statistics for each player, like the average number of guesses it takes you to correctly guess a player's team.Compete with your friends locally using multiplayer modes. Don't worry your iOS friends can play with you too.Credit to ESPN and MLB for the player and team data/pictures.Credit to NBA on TNT for inspiration #bbqChickenAlert.Shot Clock style font is Copyright 1999 by Samuel Reynolds, checkout his site: http://www.spinwardstars.comCredit to Jonathan Dennill for the game Music, his twitter handle is @JonathanDennill. This app is designed to educate users on what team a MLB player plays for.All data and images are used under fair use. No copyright/trademark infringement intended. All logos and players shown or represented in this game are trademark and/or copyright of their respective corporation or entity.WhoHePlayFor (Baseball) app is not affiliated with or endorsed by MLB, MLBPA, ESPN, or MLB Players.Please contact me if you feel that there is a copyright or trademark violation.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up