Cow Life - Animal Simulator

Cow Life - Animal Simulator brings the most amazing, action packed survival nature simulator to life! Survive in visually beautiful environments filled with danger and adventure. Eat, run, survive, hunt in packs, raise a family and fight epic battles with enemy predators.Experience the most advanced and realistic animal simulator today!LIVE LIFE OF AN ANIMALMaintain your energy, thirst, hunger and health while surviving as a Cow. Explore a massive beautiful world with precise animal environments to roam and seek.POUNCE AT ENEMY PREYLevel up and gain experience learning how to advance your hunting skills. Gain stamina to run for longer distances and muscles to increase damage impact on enemy prey and predators.EPIC ANIMAL BATTLESDanger is at every turn in the wild. Play smart and attack wisely. Gain experience and improve skills to hung down and fight deathly or weaker animals. Deliver killer blows by leaping, pouncing and ambushing enemy prey.EAT, RUN, SURVIVE, HUNT IN PACKSEat to maintain your strength. You will grow weak and slower if you ignore to eat and become more of a target for stronger predators. You must support and monitor your animal body to survive and be able to hunt. Raise a family to help you hunt in packs and become stronger in group pack hunting attacks.RAISE A STRONG FAMILYExperience Cow Life - Animal Simulator and grow from prey to predator while raising your own family. Help defend your young ones again attacks and danger. Fight epic fights for survival in the wilderness!
Price USD 0.99
License Purchase
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up