My Special Aflac Duck

My Special Aflac Duck is a smart comforting companion for children with cancer. The robotic duck features naturalistic movements and joyful play to help children communicate their feelings, practice medical procedures, and provide distraction from painful therapies.The My Special Aflac Duck app allows children to explore their ducks virtual world and engage in enhanced play with their ducks. Children can use the My Special Aflac Duck app to feed their ducks, give their ducks a virtual bath, and so much more!FEATURESExplore! Your friend has a rich and interactive world, tap characters to see them come to life! Can you find all of the hidden animations?Feed your friend. Visit the food truck to prepare a meal for your duck! Be careful, your duck might get gassy if they eat too much.Soundscapes. Blast off to far away planets to listen to the sounds of a forest, ocean, farm, amusement park and more. You can customize the way these planets sound to design your perfect soundscape.Medical play. Make a trip to the hospital to flush your ducks lines and administer chemo.Bath time. Visit the lagoon to give your special friend a virtual bath.ENHANCED PLAYThe My Special Aflac Duck app is a free app to enhance play with My Special Aflac Duck. To find out more about how to get a duck please visit: USAflac is a supplemental insurance provider with a philanthropic commitment to childhood cancer. For 22 years, Aflac, their employees, and independent sales agents have demonstrated a commitment to help families facing childhood cancer, including contributing more that $120 million to the cause.Aflac teamed up with Sproutel, a patient-centered research and development company focused on kids' health to create My Special Aflac Duck and in doing so, provide comfort and joy to children with cancer. Sproutel worked with over 100 families and 35 doctors at the Aflac Cancer Center to develop a smart companion to meet the unique needs of children undergoing treatment. To learn more about My Special Aflac Duck visit,
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up