Cat in the Hole!

* recommended points *It is easy, it is fun. The drop game for everyone!This is the game for free of charge!The control is extremely easy - just tap the screen!You will see the many cute cats of ""The cat guardian"" with charming dangling movement!The relaxing atmosphere like a picture-book.Let's collect all kinds of ""The cat guardian""!From the easy level to the difficult challenges - there are over 100 stages!Be a cat guardian master! there are over 150 missions!Miracles may happen when the cat on unexpected bounds.*The kind of ""The cat guardian"" is... *Scottish foldMunchkinBritish shorthairPersian catRussian blueSingapuraAmerican shorthairExotic shorthairAbyssinianBlack catCan you find out the other secret cats?* This app is... *Land the cute cats - ""The cat guardian"" - into the pot! This is a very casual, refreshing, and imaginative game!There are various kinds of ""The cat guardian""! Enjoy the relaxing picture-book like world anytime & anywhere!The miracle comes in front of your eyes with the simplest control: tapping the screen!Enjoyable from kids to adult. Let's play with all your family!Share the playing movie when you superplay it!Enjoy the new casual game ""Cat in the hole""!* Recommended if... *- Searching for a game to play during a commute- Wanting to play a free game for relaxing in between chores- Searching for a casual game to play with children- Tired of monotonous puzzle game, need relaxing and easy one- I don't want to be bored, I want lots of elements for game completion- Tired of the social games, want to play a game playable without in-app purchase- I want to be healed by watching various cats- I like the cute movements of cats- I am gathering the games of cats- Searching for a free and long-playable game- Searching for a popular game useful for starting a conversation with friends.- Wanna share a visiblly fun game with friends- Searching for a game with full of collection elements.- Searching for an easy and fun game app for killing spare time- Wanting a cute and enigmatic characters' fun game for girls- Although an adult, want to train my brains with cute character's game- A little bit interested in brain workout- I don't want to move my arms anymore because of their muscle pains- Searching for a game for kids playable with friends- I really like unique and mascot-like characters- Searching for a brand-new and free game for girls in lower grades- Searching for an innovative game playable for men.- I don't have time because I'm a very busy adult, but I like games anyway.- Wanting a relaxing game to play during a break time when working- I want to kill spare times with more and more fun game if I I do.- Searching for a game playable with my friends - cat person.- I love watching cat videos- I want to ""prefetch"" a game which is going to be popular"
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.