Ninja Rangers: Robot Kung Fu Fight

Enjoy fantastic world of future being super dexterous ninja ranger! Set your special suit straight, grab your amazing modern weapons and be ready to a hot fighting tournament with Ninja Rangers: Robot Kung Fu Fight!Fight with different monsters and ninjas rivals, killing them one by one! Aim carefully and improve your fighting skills to become really powerful ranger! Avoid your opponents mighty blows and become the most dexterous robot ninja ranger ever! Attack fast and accurate to kick the spirit of your rival out of his body! Prove that you are worth the first place in this futuristic tournament list!Check four game modes: stair mode, where you are going to defeat all your brutal opponents one by one; training mode, where you could check your abilities and characteristics performing different shooting strikes and blows; survival mode, where you should stay alive as long as it even possible; and contest mode, where your main goal is to win this wonderful championship! Enjoy Ninja Rangers: Robot Kung Fu Fight and have fun!Earn points for all your defeated enemies to customize your wonderful ninja ranger, unlock new futuristic fighters or power up your current one! Become really strong, mighty and powerful ninja robot ranger, unleash your inner energy and be the best ranger fighter ever!Ninja Rangers: Robot Kung Fu Fight features:Ultimate futuristic robot rangers duel fighting simulatorWide range of interesting monstrous rivalsFour game modes for more fun - stair, contest, training and survivalAmazing 3D graphicsWelcome to the future lands the world of infinite battles, constant fighting and non-fading robotic duels! Become the part of this wonderful atmosphere! Just choose your super ninja robot ranger and rush into this fantastic Ninja Rangers: Robot Kung Fu Fight game!
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsRequires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.