Zombie Heroes

Every part of city is invaded by zombies... Selecting one of the heroes awaiting you, you should make the entire city free from these zombies.You should go ahead as much as possible so that you may kill more zombies, sometimes you may need to go underground and clean up the sewer system, you should be very careful there because the things won't be under your control.As long as you kill the zombies, check the moon. When moon becomes full, you will be a zombie for a while, and then zombies should think about it. They start to escape from you. Bite them as much as possible; you may gain extra points and life in this way. When you turn to a zombie, a top model car will be assigned to you sometimes and no one can run away from you.When you are on the ground, be careful about the objects around you, you may face with various surprises inside of themDon't forget to upgrade the characteristics of your hero and the weapons at his left and right hands because as long as you go ahead, zombies become more powerful and they attack you permanently to eat you, otherwise you can't defeat them ;)sometimes zombies run over you in a body by bus or truck. In such a case keep your distance and try to shot them from that distance.Features- Unlimited Amusement- 40 Missions await you- 4 Different Heroes
Operating System Android