Where's My Toilet Paper Party?

Where my Toilet Paper? Here it is! Pull it down! Before it goes in the water, you gotta unroll it as fast as you can! We jest not! Unroll the toilet paper as fast as you can to be the champion of this exciting speed challenge!----Unroll the toilet paper as fast as possible! Become the speed champion amongst all of your friends! Own your speed and dexterity on the Google Play Games leaderboards and unlock unique and hilarious achievements! Be warned: This is an addicting race game that most people can't put down.---SIMPLE & FRANTIC GAME PLAY: Use your thumbs or fingers to drag down the small, medium, large, or extra large toilet paper as fast as your can go! Easy to pick up and play, and addictively fun! Multi touch technology gives this game the most realistic and accurate unroll on the market. And HD graphics so crisp you can almost smell the lint rolling off the paper (okay, we're getting a bit farfetched).---MATCH UP ONLINE: Battle your friends in live, multi-player speed championships. Settle debate, place bets, and see who's thumbs are really blazing! Thanks to Perry Dash and Parti Arti for setting the record on the Play Games leader board, you will remain here until your score is beaten!---Rated higher than 'Drag Toilet Paper' and the other toilet paper apps because of better graphics, online play, achievements, and tablet compatibility. Where's My Toilet Paper? Install the most frantic, panic inducing, and hilarious game on Android FREE.---WHERE'S MY GRAVY?: Thanks to all the toilet paper unrollers and supporters of Where's My Toilet Paper and our other casual party games. Feel free to visit our site at http://www.gravy-baby.com for support or to learn more about us, or feel free to e-mail us at gravybabymedia@gmail.com.
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