Monster Chains is a new addicting puzzle game in which you must create chains from neighboring monsters of the same type!Do you think that you can make it into TOP20 global highscores? Compare your score with other people all around the world!The perfect game not only for the upcoming Halloween!The game is 100% free with no In-App purchases and is suitable for all ages!How to play: Game rules are simple - move your finger over at least 2 monsters of the same kind horizontally or vertically to create a chain, release your finger to remove the selected monsters! Go for better score by creating longer chains and Monster Chains! Monster Chain is created when you connect the last monster in your chain with the first one! You have exactly 2 minutes to get the best score possible!Scoring:* Longer chains = better score!* For each chain of at least 8 monsters you get EXTRA 250 points!* Monster Chains - connect the last monster in your chain with the first one to create a Monster Chain! Score of Monster Chains depends on a number of monsters that you created the Monster Chain from.Features:* Addicting puzzle game suitable for all ages* A perfect game for upcoming Halloween* Train your brain and improve your logical thinking* The game is 100% free with no In-App purchases* Submit and share your scoreHave a nice time playing Monster Chains!If you find any bug, please let us know at, we will be very happy to fix it!Support links:Website: littlebigplay@gmail.comFacebook:
Operating System Android