Farm House Builder - Build, fix it & Decor Game

An animal house construction fun in village. Be a farm builder with wood cutter and creative architecture skills. As a village farmer, perform multiple duties with animal farm house building. Complete transportation of wooden slabs and be a farmhouse builder as little tycoon. Take cattle cages, and unlock new stylized gates with different colors in this farm house decor. Make a buffalo house in construction game with wooden building to complete in farmland. Use different simulation tools in making a farm town. Build farmhouse building as real farmer with trolley truck to drive in muddy terrain and loading duty. Be idle construction tycoon for farming business to start with smart investments in crops and cattles.With realistic controls, be a farm builder. Make modern farming start with big farmhouse and make sweet house construction be ready. It is your duty to complete dairy cow house construction and have fun in learning where goats, cows and sheep will live in a village. Make forest jungle clear by clearing area for farmland. Set mapping for cattle housing.Be a wood supplier by truck driving. We dont need big rig driver skills.Construct cattle house and then a roof as farm builder. Take 18 wheeler lorry to pick things from warehouse. After taking supplies from building, cut trees from jungle forest and be a truck loader with idle clicker skills. Then turn on the wood cutter and use saw for completing the frame. Once frame of the cattle house is done, bring yarn to settle up the roof. Select colors and wooden windows to make this animal house construction complete.Cow milk and other Moos with sheep can also be taken to decorate farmhouse completely. This is farm house decoration with new cattle farming games. Make learning adventures never come to end with various farmhouses to build in this tree house wood game and simulation for fids. Make your happy kids learn in this holiday season as modern farmer builder.
Operating System Android