Kanji Game - JLPT N5 - by JapaneseMEOW

Introduction:The JapaneseMEOW Kanji game gives you Kanji at the beginner level and challenges you to match them with the correct hiragana. Our collection of kanji was put together with the JLPT N5 in mind, so we hope you find this to be a valuable study tool if you are planning to write the exam.How to play:The game will start with the hiragana meaning marked on the white lantern. Simply match the meaning to the kanji by landing on the correct red lantern. Your success of landing on the right lanterns will lift you further up into the sky and landing on the wrong ones will have dire consequences. If you can make it up to the top of the Tokyo Tower, there's a rocket chair waiting for you to take you to the final destination. Buckle up!Features:- Reminders of which Kanji you missed, and of course which one sent you to the ground.- Randomized shuffling of the Kanji lanterns after every restart.- A FREE Skype lesson for those who pass the game.WARNING:Do not play this game if you afraid of heights, cute kittens or kanji. Hey, don't laugh -- kanji can be intimidating!
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