'Reactions' tests your ability to balance and solve chemical reaction equations quickly and accurately. The game has a total of 500 equations for you to conquer, with the opportunity to earn experience points, stars, and badges. Check out the leaderboards to see how your score and achievements compare to the other players of the game.There are three difficulty levels: 'Easy', 'Moderate', and 'Difficult'.If you're new to balancing reaction equations, get your feet wet with the easy equations. Once you're more comfortable balancing equations, attempt the moderate equations to challenge yourself and become a pro. Once you have solved enough easy and moderate equations or you've become bored, take it up a notch by trying to solve the difficult equations.How the game works:Once you view (open) an equation, the countdown will start, and you should try to solve that equation as quickly as you can to ensure that you earn the maximum points and stars available.Don't worry if you cannot solve an equation before the time is up. You will still be able to solve the equation in as much time as you need.
Operating System Android