Super Fluffy Slime Maker

Super fun with "Super Fluffy Slime Maker" game. Make Fluffy Squishy Stretchy slime at home and play with it.Super Fluffy Slime Maker is very squishy and creative that provide you with practical how to make fluffy and stretchy slime and you will learn what ingredients are used to make Squishy slime. Once the game start you will find different options to make fluffy, stretch and fluffy slime. You just follow the instruction add borax, soda, glitter water, glitter, milk, and you can add many more ingredients step by step that make your slime more beautiful, Squishy and fluffy.Most satisfying and amazing feature for this game is you can also play with your slime, by pressing, poking with your finger, jiggling in all direction, stretching all across the screen and make different shapes.***Super Fluffy Slime Maker Features***1-Suitable for Girls, kids, and all slime lovers2- Step by step Instruction with cool and eye catching graphics3- different option to prepare your slime (Glitter Slime, Rainbow Slime, Glow Slime, Simple Slime, Bead Slime)4- Many decoration options.Come on now, install for free and have great fun
Operating System Android