Crazy AA

*** Crazy AA:Crazy AA is funny mobile action game. This game screen is simple, a rotation ball in the center, some radiant balls (like needles) surrounding it, players need to launch radiant ball to the rotation ball one by one, but must not touch others.The game screen is simple, beige background, the central place with a constantly rotating sphere, like a mysterious planet in the universe, stood waiting for launch several balls below.Game play is very simple, when the ball kept turning when everyone simply by clicking on the screen, so that the bottom of the screen with a number of small balls stick to the big ball, all balls straight with numbers are glued to finish. Seemingly simple operation and play, but want the ball is not hit with a number next to the ball, the game will end.As the game going, the needles will be more and more, the rotation ball may be quickly or slowly, this game become harder.And it has lots of levels. From the music point of view, it sounds comfortable and pleased, as the most funny mobile game for android, you will be relaxed, you should not miss it.*** Crazy AA game Features:- 1200 levels.- Touch to play- Do not let the balls collide- Friends around the world athletics- Can you challenge to how many levels?Such a fun game, but so what? Fast invite your loved one and friends to inject it!Thank you all for download Crazy AA. Please don't forget to let us know what you think about the game.
Operating System Android