Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi

Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi official movie based game from Eros Now.The objective of this game is run as long as possible avoiding all kinds of obstacles on the way.Happy is running on the streets avoiding obstacles by sliding, single jump and double jump. Avoid obstacles and take coins.Controls - Swipe up to jump & Swipe down to slide . For double jump swipe twice.PowerupsMagnet: Attracts all the near by coins.Upgrade will increase the duration of the magnet,stay longer time on the screen.2X Powerup: When this powerup is on,it's double the collected coins while running till it ends. Upgrade will increase the duration.Shield Mode: When this is on it keeps alive the player even if he hits the obstacles.Upgrade of this powerup increase the duration.Chopper Mode: When the player collects this powerup he will fly in the air alongwith chopper for certain distance and also attracts all the nearby coins.Upgrade of this powerup will increase the duration.
License Free
Version 1.0.2
Operating System Android